Ladies Rock Camp

Check out our next program for female identified people 21+, it’s the first ever all drums, two day program, Ladies Rock Camp: DRUM RETREAT!


If you’ve ever wished Rock Camp existed when you were a kid, Ladies Rock Camp is for you! Ladies Rock Camp attracts women from all around the world with all levels of musical skills to learn drums, bass, keyboards, vocals, or guitar.

Tuition for Ladies Rock Camp is $390, and proceeds support scholarships for girls attending our summer and afterschool programming. You rock so they can rock!


We had so much fun at LRC this June, thank you for joining us! You can order the Showcase DVD here.


Founded in 2003, Ladies Rock Camp is all about the opportunity for women ages 21+ to experience the awesomeness of Summer Camp in just three days. Campers receive instrument instruction, form a band, work together to write an original song, and perform in front of a live audience at a local music venue. Over the course of the weekend, women also get a chance to take workshops like songwriting and using effects pedals, see a live show or two, do karaoke, and meet a bunch of other great women!

Want to Volunteer at LRC? Check out our Year Round Volunteer application here, or contact us at 503.445.4991, [email protected] Thank you!

Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions.

After spending a weekend at Ladies Rock Camp, I felt like there was nothing in the world that I couldn’t do. I was so empowered that my performance at work noticeably increased after attending LRC. On top of the boost in self-esteem, I built a new personal and professional network of amazing women. I wish Rock ’n’ Roll Camp for Girls existed when I was growing up!” — Nancy Taffera-Santos, who attended LRC in 2007 and 2008