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I’m on the road as I write, driving home from tour through San Francisco, feeling so much excitement for the show Saturday! I’ve been involved with GRI since I was a sophomore in college: as an intern that helped set up rooms,  as a drum instructor and band coach, and now as a program manager that helps organize all the logistical needs of the program. I can’t say that any program has been better than the other because all the bands created through GRI write amazingly beautiful songs, unique to their own style.

The L’s, .5 of Mella, Sugar Rush, Rock Planet and Ironic Maiden are going to rock the house today! Each band has worked so hard throughout this program and has come up with songs that will melt your heart.

The second program that I’ve been so excited to be a part of is one that I believe is extremely important to the Portland music community.  The program is called RnRC4G Presents and it’s an all-ages program for girls that teaches them how to book and put on shows. The girls in the program have worked so hard to set up their first show ever, booking local and amazing bands such as Spider and the Webs. Our mission is to inspire young girls to take charge of their music community and give them the tools they need to create the type of community in which they wish to thrive in.

In the program, they learned skills such as advancing shows, how to book a tour and how to determine the type of financial deal for each respective band and venue.

Get ready for these movers and shakers! They are here to thrive.

Katherine Paul, After-school Programs Supervisor

RnRC4G & KZME Present: Stephen Steinbrink, Ever Ending Kicks, Genders, The Ghost Ease Wed, 02 Jan 2013 22:05:07 +0000 We have something very precious in store as we put on another show at The Firehouse on Saturday, January 19! Along with KZME, we present a grand night of tunes featuring Stephen Steinbrink, Ever Ending Kicks, Genders, and The Ghost Ease.

The Firehouse is located at 5340 N Interstate Ave, and the show starts at 8:00 p.m. sharp! Admission is $5, and shows at The Firehouse are all ages, all the time, so don’t miss out!

January 19th flyer

Sign up for Winter 2013 after-school programming! Wed, 02 Jan 2013 21:46:21 +0000 To kick off the new year, we’re bidding adieu to 2012 and the former Mayan apocalypse and jamming out with some awesome after-school programs! We’re featuring the classic Girls Rock Institute for budding stage fiends as well as a brand new RnRC4G Presents… An All-Ages Booking, Promotion, and Production Youth Series for a behind-the-scenes approach to music. In this new class, we’ll teach girls the mythic art of curating, booking, running, and promoting shows!


Both classes have limited spots, so sign up now! For more information and to sign up, check here or e-mail Molly Gray at with any questions or concerns.

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Rock Camp Studio has some awesome multimedia workshops coming up! Nadia Buyse and Melanie Valera both intimately understand the ins and outs of multimedia performances and will be sure to provide expert knowledge.

E-mail Molly Gray at to sign up or with any questions. Hurry though as there are a limited amount of spots available!

Available for women of ALL AGES.

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Come to Rock Camp Studio! We have plenty of exciting workshops in store, all taught by amazingly talented women! It’s also open to women of all ages!

E-mail Molly Gray at to sign up. Hurry as there are only 15 spots per session!